Enhance your life for a good cause

Membership comes in many forms. We are always looking to increase our membership and if you know of anyone who would be interested in joining us, we have a membership form on this website which you can use. We do ot have a set membership fee, as a charity we leave how much you would like to contribute up to you. Normally we like to receive a minimum of £10 pa. We have a number of ways to pay your contribution, full details of the options can be found [ here ] Our current members have over the years gained immense satisfaction in helping such a great charity as The Children’s Trust.

You could invest your time as a member of the committee. We are always looking for ‘can do‘ people to add to our organisational abilities.

You can volunteer your time without becoming a committee member. As a volunteer you can help in many ways. Currently our volunteers help us set up events‚ deliver leaflets‚ hang posters‚ arrange catering and seek sponsorship. For our large events we have to draw upon the kindness and support of many different people. Setting up an event requires many skills and can be a lot of work over a long period. The more volunteers we can call on the better.

Others of our supporters are still very busy people without the time to actively help‚ so they support us with a regular donation‚ knowing the money will be well spent and be of benefit to the children at Tadworth Court. It does not matter who you are or what you do. If you would like to volunteer your time we will be very grateful. To offer your assistance please contact the Friends. [ contact us ]

General Data protection Regulations. Our members and volunteers benefit from regular communications. You can tailor what we communicate to you and when [ here ]


Any sponsorship‚ whatever the amount is always welcome. There are a number of ways you can help the Friends, please visit our [ donations ] page. There we have a number of options from which you can pick the method of support that suits you the best. Which ever method you prefer to use, you can be sure, your help is gratefully received and will be used to benefit the children under the care of The Children’s Trust.

Private Sponsorship

A private sponsor may make a gift of any size at any time and on any date. We have some sponsors who make a regular donation and prefer to remain in the background and others who actively engage and help the Friends at events. Any contribution is accepted with gratitude and we respect if you prefer to remain anonymous and private. Anyone can become a sponsor. To find out more‚ please contact the Friends. [ contact us ]

Company Sponsorship

An excellent way for a company to help the charity and receive the benefits of superb marketing and advertising for the sponsored event. Please contact us to discuss expectations and what we can do for your company in return. [ contact us ]