The Friends of the Children's Trust. Who we are and what we do for the children

We spread awareness of the crucial work of The Children's Trust and raise funds from the wide range of events which we run each year. We help the Trust in the care, treatment, re-habilitation and relief of sickness for the physically and mentally handicapped children by providing financial assistance and support to the children under their care.

The Friends is a registered charity whose main aims are to enhance the lives of the children cared for by the Children's Trust‚ by focusing on specialist play‚ leisure activities and extra comfort for the children.

The funds we have raised over the years has been used to buy a specially equipped vehicle to transport the children on medical and social outings, a trampoline to help with physiotherapy sessions and two defibrillators for emergency resuscitation.

A more fun side is the educational outings, summer trips‚ a special present at Christmas time for each child and a maze we built in the grounds of the trust. Most recently we donated £12,000 for the purchase of 8 specialist profiling beds which allow for a more dignified transfer of children in and out of bed and can be used with or without hoists.

We run a number of fund raising events throughout the year and produce a news letter twice yearly which are available on the website, by email or by post as a special request.

Gift Aid

Gift Aid allows the Friends to claim back the tax already paid by yourself on the income you have earnt. This means we can claim back from the government on your behalf 25p for every £1 donated, boosting the value of your donation by a quarter.

HMRC regulations mean that we cannot reclaim a Gift Aid on a donation if you tells us -

  • the donation was on behalf of someone else or a group of people.
  • the donation was on behalf of a company.
  • the donation was to a family member or friend doing an event where the charity is contributing to their costs.
  • the donation was made in return for goods‚ rights or services.

A question we are often asked‚ is what if a mistake was made when making the gift aid donation and it cannot been claimed. We check and ask everyone making a donation a number of questions to find out if their donation is eligible for Gift Aid, but sometimes mistakes happen. Once a donation has been made it is not possible to make a claim or change the Gift Aid. On this website is an online Gift Aid Form which is easy to use and then send to us.   [ here ]

The Leadership Team

The Chairman, Michael Siggers

I have lived in Tadworth since 1999‚ having moved from near Tewksbury in Gloucestershire. I have been a stockbroker‚ a Senior Investment Director and Fund Manager with a leading overseas bank. I am still very much involved in the world of entertainment‚ managing two celebrities. I was first elected chairman in 2004 and have helped throughout the years in organising events to raise funds for the children. My knowledge and entertainment background have been especially useful in putting on a music charity event normally held in November each year.

Deputy Chairman‚ Gerry Murch

I have been in Tadworth for 34 years having previously lived in Wokingham‚ Berkshire. After retiring from my job with Croda International in 1993‚ I volunteered my services and joined the Children’s Trust‚ a wonderful local charity. Later‚ through my work with the Children’s Trust‚ I got involved with the Friends. I have been a volunteer for the Trust for 18 years and a member of the Friends committee since 2002.

Treasurer, John Maynard

My wife and I have been members of the Friends for many years since moving to Tadworth in 1984. Having taken early retirement from a career in Investment Management, I saw that the Friends needed a Treasurer and volunteered. In the ensuing 10 years, I have enjoyed helping with our fund raising events, preparing detailed accounts, liaising with the Children’s Trust and get immense satisfaction every time we write a cheque that helps enhance the lives of the children.

Secretary, Bob Gunn

My wife Jill and I had attended Friends events for a number of years before I joined the Friends as Secretary in 2008. I had recently retired, having had careers in the oil industry and in higher education as an engineer and a planner. I believe there is great value in the work of the Children’s Trust at Tadworth Court and that the Trust is a wonderful national centre of expertise and care for children unfortunate enough to have a brain injury. Through the Friends I hope that I have helped to spread an understanding of the valuable work done at Tadworth Court as well as raise funds to support that work.

A message from the Chairman

We welcome any help, be it a donation, becoming a patron or volunteering your time. To see the joy on the childrens faces when they receive an extra present or go on an outing to visit somewhere interesting makes all our efforts and contributions worthwhile. When you make a donation please do not forget to fill in your gift aid declaration. There is a form on this website thats easy to use. You only have to do it once and every little helps. Thank you.

Members of the Committee

The committee consists of eleven trustees who run the Friends of the Children’s Trust. We are also lucky to have a number of people who volunteer their time to help at specific events. Everyone involved with the Friends gives up their time voluntarily to support the children looked after by the Children’s Trust.

  • Chairman - Michael Siggers
  • Deputy Chair - Gerry Murch
  • Treasurer - John Maynard
  • Secretary - Bob Gunn
  • Sarah Davies
  • Anne Gradidge
  • Jane Hudson
  • Claudia Lazell
  • James Mair
  • Vicky Symes
  • James Wall

The Children’s Trust at Tadworth Court